A Framework for Strategy Development, Testing and Analysis.

About MultiOpt

MultiOpt is a strategy development, automation, walkforward and data analysis tool for TradeStation.

MultiOpt is evolving! For the past 2 years I have been rewriting and redesigning the architecture of MultiOpt so that it can support advanced walkforward techniques I wanted to explore and better manage my trading strategies. The new product is called MultiWalk. As of October 31, 2023, MultiOpt will no longer be available. Current MultiOpt users will receive a discount to convertto MultiWalk. See MultiWalk's website for more information.


  • Follows the strategy development process taught by Kevin Davey in his Strategy Factory Workshop
  • Applies any strategy to multiple symbols, time frames and walkforward periods
  • Accelerates strategy building
  • Rapid strategy prototyping
  • Performs walkforward analysis on one or more walkforward scenarios
  • Many different fitness functions available for walkforward process
  • Multi-core, Multi-threaded for speed
  • Performs In-Sample and Out-Of-Sample analysis
  • Built-In Monte Carlo analysis for both In-Sample and Out-Of-Sample time periods
  • Supports inter-market strategies with multiple data streams
  • Performs optimization across multiple variables
  • Delivers extensive performance metrics
  • Provides ability to export results to spreadsheet programs, such as Excel
  • Includes video tutorials on use and function
  • Generates optimized walkforward EasyLanguage strategy code for real-time trading
  • And much more!

Purchase Information

Please note that MultiOpt is only currently available for purchase for those who have taken Kevin Davey's workshop. MultiOpt contains a strategy development step that is proprietary to Kevin's process. If you have not taken his workshop, I highly reccommend it. Please click here for information on his workshop.

MultiOpt can also be purchased using PayPal, or wire transfer (such as, email for details). After sending payment, please email your TradeStation Customer ID (found on the TradeStation Help->About screen).

The cost of MultiOpt is a license fee of $650. This includes one year of user support and software updates. Add-on's, when available, are covered under their own licenses and separate costs.
$650 via PayPal

International Users

PayPal can be expensive on both sending and receiving side for international transactions, and the exchange rates can be horrible. If you would like to lessen these fees, another alternative is to send a wire transfer either locally from your own bank or by using a service such as TransferWise. If you would like to wire payment rather than using PayPal, please contact me for more information.

Can I run MultiOpt on multiple computers?

Yes and no.

If you have multiple TS logins under the same TS customer ID, then yes! You may install MultiOpt under the same license on multiple machines without purchasing additional licenses.

However, if you have multiple TS customer IDs and would like to run MultiOpt on each, then you will need to purchase additional licenses at a 20% discount -- $520 per additional TS customer number. The TS Customer IDs must all be all in the same name, family, or organization.

Can I change my TS customer ID?

MultiOpt licensing is not Internet based, so cannot be revoked. Once MultiOpt is registered to a specific TS customer ID, it cannot be deregistered since the customer ID is "stamped" within the TradingApp itself. If you do wish to transfer your registration to a new TS customer ID, a new copy of MultiOpt will need to be created for you and you must destroy or overwite any previous copies using the old TS customer ID. Because of this, there is a $150 charge (click here to pay via PayPal) to transfer your current license to a new Customer ID. All subsequent MultiOpt updates will use the new Customer ID and the old one will no longer be supported.

MultiOpt licenses are not transferrable to other entities. The new Customer ID must be either in your or your organization's name.

MultiOpt Resources

Tutorial Videos

MultiOpt - The Basics From Start To Finish
This two-part tutorial takes a strategy step-by-step through the development process using MultiOpt. Part I covers the setup of a MultiOpt strategy and the first two phases of the development process: preliminary optimization (Phase 1) and full optimization (Phase 2). Part II covers the walkforward process and final analysis reports that help identify the markets and time frames that have the most potential for real-time trading.
View/Download Part 1 | View/Download Part 2

MultiOpt - Performing Walkforward Re-Optimization
This tutorial takes you step-by-step process of how to set up MultiOpt to re-optimize your strategies. Strategies will periodically need to be updated when it is time to generate new walkforward parameters.

Other Resources

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MultiOpt has transformed the way I design, develop, and test trading strategies across various markets and bar sizes. It has saved hundreds of hours of manual effort and uncovered new trading ideas for me. I find Dave’s expertise in software development and foresight for user needs integrated seamlessly in MultiOpt. His prompt, friendly, and to-the-point responses to my questions help me use MultiOpt to its fullest potential. With MultiOpt’s capabilities and Dave’s approachability, I see myself progressing well as a rule-based trader.
RD (United States)

I have only been doing this since May 2020 and I purchased Multiopt in June. This amazing software has allowed me to plow through 60 different strategies, each with about 3-4 variations of exits and has yielded 11 strategies that I am incubating right now. Dave is a master programmer, and he has also helped me get the most out of the software whenever I had a question. It may be the best money I've ever spent.
Brandon K. (California, US)

I can tell you as a beginner here and a very skeptical person that MultiOpt saved me hundreds of hours of work. I need to find one good strategy and this is helping. I don't care if 1000 of my ideas bomb... Nice job Dave, your work is amazing!
Berkeley W. (Jena, Germany)

What I just did in 5 minutes used to take me almost a whole day! Thanks! You're fantastic!
Berkeley W. (2 weeks later)

I'm having a great time with your MultiOpt... I've found so many programs [strategies] to submit to the club with many left over for my private incubation!
Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Berkeley W. (2 months later)

My Man, when do you EVER sleep? :) This new version and options are mind-blowing! Thank you!
Alan B. (Michigan, US)

I've read through your documentation and can't imagine the number of development hours you must have in this. It's such a polished piece of software and the way you have automated Kevin's methodology is remarkable. I just watched your two videos on your new version of MultiOpt. I've watched hundreds of training videos and you do the very best instructional videos I've ever seen.
John D. (Arizona, US)

I'm loving Multiopt!! I think to get three working strategies without Multiopt would have taken me at least another 6 months. I might have quit from sheer frustration.
Colin C. (California, US)

Thank you again for your great work with MO. It has saved me hundreds of hours of work and thousands of clicks to have all those tasks automated.
Antonio J. (Spain)

It would be hard to go back to not having it [MultiOpt], worth every penny and more. A long time ago I had tried out a software called "Unfair Advantage", MultiOpt would have made better use of the name :)
Jason D. (Florida, US)

I just want to say I love your tool and think you are a genius. Honestly this is fantastic.
Ryan M. (Pennsylvania, US)

What a wonderful tool you have built. With this addition of montecarlo it has become more useful and what a time saver. Kudos to you. I don't know how you guys tested before multiopt.
Zumran H. (Indiana, US)

MultiOpt has been one of my best and most cost effective and acquisitions so far. I will be using MO as my “go to” application on all my strategy developments from preliminary through to walkforward tests up to incubation and live trading. It has been the best thing I found for automating my development process without overfitting when properly used. Look forward to having Dave’s next applications as part of my algo trader’s toolkit!
Alberto C. (Sydney, Australia)

I am a new student with Kevin’s SF.  I've watched your tutorial videos and webinar, as well as read through the manual.  I think you have a fantastic product and I’m really excited to start using it!
Dustin H.

I've enjoyed very much using MO and signing up with SFW and purchasing MO are the best investments I've ever had.
Daniel O.

I absolutely love your program. Makes life so much easier. Plus everything works so smoothly. Great piece of software.
Robbert Z

Thanks for the wonderful application that you have created, it has been a great help with the entire process.
Janus H.

I'm LOV'N the new version of MultiOpt! I SERIOUSLY can't think of doing research without MO!!!!!!
Alan B.

This is pretty killer, really nice job! I work in the Software industry (I run Customer Success for a 75 person company) so I know that you have put a ton of work into this, it really did come out fantastically. And while running it through its paces, I created a pretty good Crude system out of Kevin's 30 min gold system. :-) This is going to be so helpful me, thank you! I was literally doing a lot of this by hand. Thanks so much!
Mark H.

Thanks for a really informative tutorial and users manual, the software is really powerful and will spare me a lot of hours for manual walk forward testing...
Hans J.

Multiopt is amazing. Easy to use... faster than TS walkforward... I've been impressed.
Shaun L.

What an amazing software, sincerest congratulations again from the bottom of my heart!!!
Jem Y.

Thank you Dave, Multiopt is a great piece of software. It certainly simplifies the Walk Forward process.
Bill S.

Thanks Dave. And you have the passionate in this. I really appreciate your effort that make our life easier.
Eric N.

Thank you for developing MultiOpt. After just a few days of use, I can see the amazing value.
Mike A.

I now have 38 strategies that are/have (1) logically consistent and make sense from a market psychology perspective, (2) simple and as concise as possible, (3) passed simulated incubation as of 1/1/2019. So I want to first offer you a MASSIVE THANK YOU for creating Multiopt, as this work would've taken a million years without it.
Mark J.

First of all I’d like to thank you for this brilliant piece of work. MultiOpt now is the top application I use on my PC. Now I can focus on ideas, rather routine testing. Thanks a lot for saving us time.
Roman Z.

I took the Strategy Factory workshop by Kevin Davey and he suggested that we get MultiOpt, a testing software that he himself uses. Mult Opt is a time saver allowing me to test my strategies on multiple time frames and a myriad of symbols without much of an effort. It is actually a very easy piece of software to learn and use. Dave has created a video tutorial that guides you step by step. Dave is very responsive to questions or comments and is a very likable person.  It really is a no brainer acquisition.
Lydie T. (California, US)


Please email if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!